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Media Training with Jim Sullivan

Wednesday 6 Aug, 2014

Bucketts Radio will be holding media training at the radio studio in the Majestic Arcade on
Saturday 23rd August starting at 2pm. Jim Sullivan, formerly of NBN, has kindly donated his
time and expertise to help our volunteers improve their media skills. The particular topics
he will be speaking on are: Effectively using your voice, Interviewing and News reading. Mr
Sullivan has over 40 years of experience in the media, starting out as a reporter and
documentary producer, then serving for 23 years as News Director at NBN Television.

His experience includes various forms of media including: print, radio, TV, and in advertising, PR
and journalism. Community service programmes he produced at NBN included Drive Alive,
and Project Restart - promoting CPR. Mr Sullivan retired from NBN in July 2007. He has
recently been serving the community at the Gloucester Great Lakes Rural Fire Service.

Bucketts Radio would also like to invite interested members of the community to come and
join the training with Mr Sullivan. Anyone who has interest in improving their skills or those
who have thought about becoming a volunteer announcer at Bucketts Radio are welcome.
This is a good opportunity to meet the crew at Bucketts Radio, introduce yourself, have a
look at the studio and see what it takes to become a radio announcer.

Cost of the training is only $5. Afternoon tea will be served and training materials supplied.
Places are limited so please book your spot and pay your fee by Friday 15th August. You can
register your interest or for more information, please email support@buckettsradio.com.au
or call 6558 2400.

Licence to broadcast until 30 May 2015

Sunday 1 Jun, 2014

Bucketts Radio has been successful in receiving their 6th Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence.  Bucketts Radio looks forward to a great year of broadcasting with new equipment, new ideas and new programming, along with some of the old favourites.  Bucketts Radio is always looking for new volunteers to contribute to the organisation in a variety of capacities, as well as looking for sponsors to advertise on-air.  Come in and visit us at the studios in the Majestic Arcade in Gloucester.

New Equipment at Bucketts Radio

Monday 19 May, 2014

The new Broadcast Console has been installed, thanks to funding from Community Broadcasting Foundation.  The new console will mean better quality broadcast and (eventually) easier to use.  Please bare with our volunteer announcers while they get they hang of the new equipment.  Bucketts Radio would like to thank Elan Audio for supplying the equipment and giving us a good discount.  We would also like to thank CBF for the funds and Bruce O'Connor for installing the equipment.  

The other good news is that the Community Broadcasting Sector has been spared the major cuts to it's funding that was predicted for last week's budget.  This means we can stay on-air and continue to improve the quality of broadcast.  Thanks to all the Community Broadcasters around the country who let the government know that we need to keep our community broadcasting going for the good of communities all around Australia.

Goldheist for the Drought

Thursday 8 May, 2014

Musician and performer, Goldheist, together with the Bowden Brothers and Natalie Magee will be performing at the Gloucester Showground Sat 10 May 2014.  Listen to interview with Goldheist here.

Matt Ellis Interviews Damien Martin, Perth Wildcats

Wednesday 23 Apr, 2014

Bucketts Radio's sports reporter has interviewed Damien Martin (Captain of the Perth Wildcats & son of local, Ray Martin) after his team's win of the Aussie NBL Championship.  Listen to the podcast of the interview here:

Part 1      Part 2

Martin Babakhan's Rain Predictions for 2014

Monday 3 Feb, 2014

A RESPECTED meteorologist has delivered the grimmest possible news for struggling local farmers – don’t expect any widespread rain until Christmas.

Martin Babakhan, a consultant meteorologist and conjoint lecturer in the faculty of science and IT at the University of Newcastle, said, much like last summer, the spin-off from monsoonal weather had not occurred.

With sea temperatures off the east coast of Australia at present the warmest they had been “in history” and the monsoonal weather not pushing south from Indonesia, we were “running out of time” for a good fall of rain before the monsoonal influence eased off by March, he said.

From now until February 9, it would be as “dry as you could ever expect” and any thunderstorms would “mean nothing”, with no substantial rain.

Some storms from February 17-21 would also be fairly insubstantial, he said, and it would be dry until the end of February.

“This drought is a hydrology drought – there’s not enough rain to have the run-off into the catchment,” he said.

By July, August and September, neutral conditions – neither a strong swing to La Nina (wetter conditions) nor El Nino (dry) – would start “weakening ... to a level of El Nino.”  (Excerpt from an article in the North Daily Leader.  To see full article, go to http://www.northerndailyleader.com.au/story/2057461/no-rain-till-christmas/