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Local News Podcast 17 Oct 2020

Saturday 17 Oct, 2020

Listen HERE to Bucketts Radio's weekly local news with Anita Jackson.

Local News Podcast

Monday 12 Oct, 2020

Listen HERE to Bucketts Radio Local News with Anita Jackson 10 Oct 2020.

Local News Podcast

Monday 5 Oct, 2020

Listen to Bucketts Radio Local News with Anita Jackson October 4 to October 10 2020 Click HERE

Local News Podcast

Sunday 27 Sep, 2020

Listen to this week's local news item by Anita Jackson HERE.

Bucketts Radio - Still Here!

Saturday 30 May, 2020

Here is an update on happenings at Bucketts Radio for the first half of a very tumultuous 2020.

Early in the year it was decided by the committee that, due to severe financial constraints, we would be unable to maintain operations beyond May and an announcement was made to that effect. This generated an element of concern from locals and through the advocacy of these supporters we were able to benefit from an ‘Emergency/Survival’ grant through the NSW Government, which has allowed us to remain broadcasting for the foreseeable future.

Our attention now turns to the determination of a major grant application that has been ongoing for some years, to establish a new “Transmission Antenna” which will enable far greater coverage around the area. Our future now depends on the success of this grant application and the establishment of the new tower.

Needless to say, the continued support of our existing members is paramount, with a reminder that membership renewals are due for year 20/21. Also, extra volunteers are needed to fill announcer slots left vacant by recent departures.

How about the idea of having your own radio show, where you can express yourself and display your creativity with your own selection of music? It is very easy and full training is given in Programming and Studio Operations. Or perhaps you have untapped potential in other fields, such as IT, Administration, or HR Management.

In that vein, we look forward to an upcoming contribution from students at Gloucester High School to provide a community news program, to start soon.


Bucketts Radio to continue until Sunday 31st May 2020

Friday 17 Apr, 2020

Since announcing that Bucketts Radio will cease broadcasting on Friday 17 April 2020, our listeners have let us know of their sadness that we are closing down operations, some even offering to help fundraise.

As a result of this encouragement, the management committee of Gloucester Broadcasters Association Inc has been in contact with our state and federal members of parliament to ask for their support. The politicians have expressed their support of this local community radio station to stay on-air and have supported the Association's application for state and federal funding.

While these funding applications are in process, Bucketts Radio will remain on-air at least until the end of the current broadcast licence, which is Sunday 31st May 2020. If funding is forthcoming and a new broadcast licence is obtained, Bucketts Radio will continue to broadcast for at least another year, and for much longer if funding for the new broadcast antenna is forthcoming.

Shayne Holstein, Gloucester Broadcasters Association President, says, "We will attempt to remain operational as long as possible. We thank all those listeners who have expressed their wishes for us to stay on-air. However, we currently have expenses that we cannot pay unless we receive funds immediately. Because we are staying on-air, we can no longer sell our main assets to pay our bills." Mr Holstein goes on to say, "With the current lockdown conditions, we have not been able to have our garage sale to sell off things like t-shirts, USB sticks and CDs, and because we have no new business sponsorships due to the closure announcement, we have no income coming in at the moment."

Bucketts Radio is therefore asking listeners and supporters to help in the current situation by renewing their membership a little early this year. Membership is only $20 for the next financial year and is usually due on 1 July 2020. Short-term business sponsorships are also currently available with 30 second on-air spots available up to 31 May 2020. A special 1 month sponsorship is available for just $100 for 6 spots per day.

Please contact us at support@buckettsradio.com.au or phone Grahame Holstein on 0438 136 370 to find out how to send your support.
Membership Forms are available here for new members. Membership can be paid to the association's account at Regional Australia Bank (click for details). Please remember to put your name as a reference so we can record your membership.