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GI Joe retribution

Sunday 5 May, 2013

This is not my usual style of movie, but being in 3D I thought I'd give it a go and was surprised about how much I enjoyed it! The basic story line is that one of the bad guys is impersonating the president of the USA and trying to change peoples opinions of the beloved Gi Joe team (and kill them to boot!) on top of that they are trying to destroy the world with nuclear weapons....classic!

the movie does not run for too long and packs everything that an action movie should have there are ninja fights, gun fights big explosions and even the ole   Bloat chase at the end!

i would highly recommend this one for a bit of a laugh see it in 3d though it makes the ridiculous nature of the movie better visually!

good for the mates, great for a date (there are no crass in your face scenes to make you I uncomfortable) overall a 3.5 out of 5!


Tuesday 5 Feb, 2013

As people in the future are electronically tracked, it is very hard to murder someone and be able to get away with it. Add into this the ability to time travel and you have the basis for looper, a hit man that can travel back in time and kill people..sounds strange yet it kind of works.

With a surprisingly watchable Bruce Willis in the leading role this is an interesting show and worth the box office money!


Saturday 16 Feb, 2013

When I heard that Mental had been made by PJ Hogan (the same guy that made Muriels Wedding - my favourite movie of all time!) and starred Toni Colette I was really keen to see it. Not knowing alot about the story line, which I now understand you should not know too much about the story line going into it, it is very self explanatory and plays itself out magically.

The start of it is a bit strange but when you get through the first part you will be more than glad you stayed.

A wonderful Australian movie with really wonderful actors, this is a MUST SEE for so many reasons!

I have seen thousands, maybe tens of thousands of movies in my time and this is one in a handful that I could honestly say at the end...that was the strangest and most wonderful movie I have seen.