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The Campaign!

Monday 13 Aug, 2012

As you would have heard on my radio show on Thursday, I was very much looking forward to the release of The Campaign (starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis), I went to the Cinema with my expectations sky high..and I am so happy to say that I was not disappointed! The Campaign was funny, silly and the epitomy of idiot comedy at its best!

The movie is about Congressman Cam Brady who is running for his fifth term in office unopposed until the strange but likeable Raymond Huggins is convinced to run against him. In the run up to the election there are some very funny moments on the campaign trail! As before the comedy is stupidly funny at times bordering on blasphemous but all round a good laugh with a few funnily shocking scenes.

The Campaign is the latest offering from Jay Roach (Director of Gold Member) with a stellar comedic cast that includes Will and Zach as already mentioned John Lithgow, Dan Ackroyd and I'm very proud to say our own Australian boy Josh Lawson.

It is a leave your pompous at the door funny show..get along and see it if you can!

Great show to see with your mates, on a date (a first date may show you what their sense of humour is like) and a liberal mother if that is what you have.

Overall a 4.5 out of 5!


The Avengers

Thursday 17 May, 2012

Want explosions? Super Heros? this is YOUR movie!

The Avengers starts with a bang and the bangs continue throughout it with a heart quickening pace.

Earth is in trouble, Loki (the bad guy from Thor) and his army are threatening to take over the world and The Avengers (from the same group as in Marvel comics) come to the rescue! Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the Black Widow and The Hulk make an unlikely team, all strong in their own right, fight a common enemy and at times each other!

This is a great guy movie and watchable for the ladies as well. It does help if you see Thor before the movie, or, possibly all of the movies these guys have starred in to get the in jokes throughout it, but overall a very enjoyable and easy to watch movie.

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffallo as The Hulk (Eric Banna was ditched!), Robert Downey Junior as a likeable Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America and Scarlett Johnanson as The Black Widow (who surprisingly holds her own as the only woman in the group)

Good date movie, good to see with the boys, even a family movie (kids over about 12)...overall a 3 out of 5!

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