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Snow White and the Huntsman

Monday 23 Jul, 2012

Arriving at George Street cinemas at 3:35pm I look at the board to see what was coming up and Snow White and the Huntsman was playing at 3:50pm. So I went for it with very low expectations..and I must say I was plesantly surprised! Snow white is a very strange take on the fairytale Snow White (really a Fairytale for Adults). You pretty much know the story but it is played out in a captivatingly imaginative fashion that moved along quickly and I felt held your attention well.

Most scenes had fights or chases..if fight secenes are up your alley, this is definately up your alley! The imaginative sets were very captivating.

Charlize Thoeron gives a stellar performance as the wicked step mother, our own Chris Hemsworth gives a great performance as the Huntsman and I thought the most suprisingly good performance came from Kristen Stewart who is in most of the scenes.

I have heard alot of varing opinons from people, some loved it and some hated it, I say go! and make up your own mind!

Excellent first date movie with no "in your face scenes" and even a few where you may have the other person bury their head in your shoulder as to not see what happens! Good mate movie (although beware at least one may comment at the end "that is two hours of my life I won't get back"), definate go by yourself movie...to be honest with you .. I wouldn't put money on Mum enjoying it!

Overall a 3.5 out of 5!

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