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Monday 27 Aug, 2012

The latest Jack Black offering is an enjoyable if strange movie. Not the usual type of idiot humour which you would expect from him but strangely enjoyable anyway. Bernie is the true story of a guy who works in a small town as a Mortician. He becomes friendly with a very wealthy widow in town who is not a nice person at all! When she is killed, the story takes off from there (with him to blame).

The story is told as a documentary type film and comes together well. If you like this style of movie (think District 9) this movie will very much appeal to you. When I was in the movie theatre there was an..can I say elderly..woman sitting behind me that was having a hoot! she said at the end it was one of the best movies she has ever seen..so you see the demographic.

Bernie is on limited release and may come to a cinema near you..if not the dvd will suffice! It is great for your Mum (or grandma!) ok for a date, great by yourself may not be the best for the mates...overall a 3 out of 5

Just go with it

Monday 23 Jul, 2012

This movie has been playing on rotation lately on Foxtel so thought I would put a few words about it (while I am watching it!). Just go with it has some big names, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman (who is terribly painful in the movie).

Not up Adam's usualy alley of strange and funny, this is a try hard serious movie (that I believe), most people will find it hard to make it to the end of  without turning it to another channel in disgust at Sandler and Aniston and the storyline.  There are some bad attempts at jokes throughout it that seem to make it even more painful as time goes by!

The premise of the movie is that Adam falls (?) for a woman who he sees in a bikini, upon her thinking that he is marries he gets his nurse to pretend she is his ex-wife (he drags her children into it also).

This is a sad direction in movies, that is not funny or imaginative, worth turning to any other channel when you see it..including commercial tv!

Overall a 1 out of 5 (and that's being kind!) If you think differently, email and tell me why!!

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