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Django Unchained

Tuesday 5 Feb, 2013

It is the latest offering by Quentin Taratino (Pulp Fiction fame along with many other legendary movies).

Django Unchained is set 2 years before the American civil war (that freed the slaves). Jamie Foxx stars as Django who in the opening scene has just been bought at the slave auction. Dr King Schultz, a bounty hunter releases him and offers him a partnership arrangement if he can assist with pointing out his next targets.

Django Unchained is as much a sad lesson in history as much as it is an action movie (the patented Quentin Taratino bloody almost comical scenes are throughout the movie as well as several fights and shootings..and more) as much as it is a comedy with some parts where you actually laugh out loud. I left the movie feeling quite disturbed about this period of history and the terrible way in which people treated other people based on propaganda, lies and the belief that the colour of your skin determines your lot in life (and how much you can be punished and bound by other people). There were some parts in the movie where you see people get their just deserts which gives you a strange sense of justice, even though at face value it is a pretty terrible way that they die.

Leonardo Di Caprio plays what I believe is one of the best performances of his career, the movie is worth seeing even just to delight in the performance he gives.

I think that everyone owes it to themselves to see this movie at sometime for more reasons than I can mention!

4.5 out of 5!


Rock of Ages

Friday 26 Oct, 2012

Be warned, Rock of Ages is a musical..something which I wish I had have realised before I embarked on watching it. There are very few movies that I can't watch past half way, this my friends was one of them.

Rock of Ages is set in 1987 about a small town girl who comes to the big city (as you will hear in song for some time at the start of the movie). There is a whole lot of 1980's music in the movie which is sung by people who have no right to sing (Catherine Zeta Jones gives the most woeful performance and I was left feeling sorry for the people who created such fine songs).

Tom Cruise gives a terrible self indulgent performance in the movie, which is a shame as I have always liked him as an actor. Russell Brand gave the same old tired performance as a "rock star".

If you like this type of thing, sorry people you may (will?) not like this sort of thing but would be happy to hear otherwise (email me!)

Don't put anyone through this movie, my worst rating ever...0.25 out of 5 (and I think that is being kind!)


Wednesday 19 Dec, 2012

There is a film that comes along once in a while that really takes you on a journey, I know, I hate it when people say that too, but that is the only way I can describe Melonchilia. I had heard about it from film club people who said it was brillant and I thought ok, you guys like arty films but I don't...now I think I do (if that is what is classed as a "Arty Film")

Meloncholia is about a woman (played by Claire Danes) who is exactly that, you get the feeling that she has everything she wants (as does everyone in the film) but just can't be happy with their lot in life. Meloncholia is a planet that has been behind the sun that is careering towards earth. At different times in the film you sometimes feel the same, Meloncholia, about whether anything bad is really going to happen...you have to stay around to the end.

The film is made by Lars Von Trier who is quite famous in himself, he has won loads of awards (the only film I know of him is Dogville - to be honest, which I haven't seen) but after seeing Meloncholia I may see it. He seems to have a way with music, images and the ability to select beliveable actors.

You have to be in the mood to see this show, as in, you have to be willing to sit for the time and take it all in..if you are..I would highly recommend it..as I said, one of the best and most affecting films I have seen in a long time..and believe me, I have seen alot of films lately!

Overall, a 4 out of 5.