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Strong Thunderstorm warning 21st & 22nd March

Monday 20 Mar, 2017

Martin Babakhan details outlook for Gloucester and The Hunter

Strong Thunderstorm warning today (21st March) from 3-4pm and a severe Thunderstorm warning tomorrow (22nd March from 12 - 1pm). Please take extreme care during these times. See our study on Stepped Leader Lightning on the Weather Tab (http://buckettsradio.com.au/weather)

Farmers in Gloucester and The Hunter can expect between 30 and 40mm rain this week.

For full analysis, please listen to the podcast on our weather page (http://buckettsradio.com.au/weather).

AGL Quits Coal Seam Gas in Gloucester

Monday 22 Feb, 2016

AGL's CEO, Andy Vessey, has announced that AGL will not proceed with the Gloucester Gas Project.

Reasons cited for this major turnaround included the current low oil price and insufficient flow rates from the Waukivory Pilot project. AGL has stated that protests against the project had no bearing on the decision, although this is disputed by many.

At a breifing to the community, held at the Senior Citizens Centre on the 16th February, AGLs Doug Jackson discussed the rehabilitation of wells, including the Wards River 2 and Wards River 4 wells that are the subject of environmental concerns due to problems with the 'plug and abandon' process, which includes filling the wells from the bottom to top, completely, with concrete that is specially formulated for the task.

In acknowledgement of the effects on the community, the environment and the percieved loss of opportunities in Gloucester, AGL also announced that it is intending to set up a trust fund. Although specifics of the trust and its beneficiaries were not able to be provided, it was indicated that these funds would be spread over a number of districts including Dungog and Stroud.

Jeni Coutts, AGL's Executive General Manager of Stakeholder Relations, will be overseeing the formulation of the commitee that will administer the trust fund, which will include some representatives from the community.

AGL also announced that it will provide an extra $15,000 grant to Dairy Connect, to study the feasabilty of a powdered milk factory. It is unsure if this would be located in Gloucester.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Bruce O'Connor






Wednesday 20 Jan, 2016

Martin Babakhan, renowned meteorolist, presents an overview of climate for 2015-16. Click here for more.

Severe Heat Wave this week

Monday 11 Jan, 2016

Martin Babakhan warns of severe heat wave and fire weather warning starting Monday 11 Jan to Thursday 14 Jan.

Note: Max temp 38C            Relative Humidity 20/30 %            Heat Index:   39 to 41C

 At an apparent temperature of:  32-40C Heat cramps or heat exhaustion possible. Click here for graph (updated 12/1/16).

Extreme Fire Behaviour (by Martin Babakhan, Meteorologist)

Sunday 20 Dec, 2015

Extreme fire behavior results when several of the components of the fire environment interact to cause the rate of spread of the fire to increase by 60 times or greater.

Situations in which abundant fuels with sufficiently low moisture values are located on a steep slope and combine with strong winds and unstable atmospheric conditions can lead to extreme fire behavior.

Each of the conditions can potentially increase fire behavior, so when all of these conditions occur at the same time, the potential danger increases significantly.

Click here to see a presentation by Martin Babakhan, Meteorolist, regarding 'Fire and Meteorology Training'.

New Bucketts Radio Committee

Tuesday 8 Sep, 2015

At the recent AGM members of Gloucester Broadcasters Association Inc (t/a Bucketts Radio) have appointed the following new committee for 2015/2016.

Shayne Holstein - President; Lorna Tomkinson - Treasurer; Grahame Holstein - Secretary; Bruce O'Connor - Vice-President.  There are 3 committee positions which have not yet been filled.

We wish the new committee all the best for the year ahead.