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Wednesday 3 Apr, 2013

An Italian Engineer has divised a way to convert urban waste into Ethanol, Bio-diesel and Electrical Energy, with ZERO EMISSION into the Atmosphere.

Martin Babakhan, Lecturer and Meteorologist, says "This project is different from any other system of developing energy from urban, agricultural and industrial waste (Waste to Energy Plant)."

Visit the Bucketts Radio weather tab for the full article.

Australia's Hottest Summer On Record

Sunday 3 Mar, 2013


By Dr. Jeff Masters

The historic summer of 2012 - 2013 is now in the books in Australia as the hottest summer on record, beating the previous mark set in 1997 - 1998 by more than 0.1°C. Australia also roasted through its hottest month on record this summer, with January 2013 topping out as Australia's warmest month since record keeping began in 1910. The oceans surrounding Australia were at their second warmest levels on record during January, contributing to the exceptional heat over the nation. The summer heat peaked during a remarkably long and widespread heatwave in late December and the first half of January, when fourteen of the 112 sites used by the Bureau of Meteorology for long-term monitoring had their hottest day on record. Sydney's 45.8°C on January 18 and Hobart's 41.8°C on January 4 were among the places which set new records.

The highest temperature during the heatwave was 49.6°C at Moomba in the far northeast of South Australia--Australia’s highest temperature since 1998.

The extreme Australian heat helped push the average land temperature over the entire Southern Hemisphere to its warmest value on record during both December 2012 and January 2013. Many parts of southern Africa also had their warmest January on record.

The sound of silence

Monday 4 Feb, 2013

Thanks to the generousity of the Holiday Coast Credit Union, Bucketts Radio will be soundproofing the on-air studio over the next few weeks starting Monday 11th February 2013.  During this construction period most live shows will have to be pre-recorded or automated.  The great music will continue, however, and live announcers will be back as soon as possible.  This project will improve the quality of broadcast and also increase the capacity and efficiency of the current workspace.

Celebrate Australia!

Saturday 19 Jan, 2013

Australia Day falls on Saturday 26th January this year.  Gloucester will celebrate with an Aussie BBQ breakfast at the Recreation Centre starting at 8am (gold coin donation). Enjoy the bacon, eggs, sausages, tea & coffee before the official ceremony which will conclude at 10.30am.  The ceremony includes:  official award ceremony, a range of dance routines from the Special Olympics Dance Group and the cutting of the Australia Day cake.

Further celebrations continue at the Olympic Pool from 2pm to 7pm.  Don't forget, Monday 28th January 2013 is listed as a public holiday.

ICAC to Delve Into Dealings Over Gas

Tuesday 13 Nov, 2012

The ICAC has been referred to an incident involving Scott MacDonald MLC over allegations of accomodation and travel expenses being paid for by a coal seam gas company. Bucketts Radio did and interview with Scott MacDonald Interview at AGL Blockade Gloucester during the AGL Drill Site blockade by Gloucester's residents. Click on the link above to hear the interview.

Gas in Gloucester Interview with AGL's David Kelly

Tuesday 9 Oct, 2012

Gas in Gloucester maybe we'll get more and less than we've bargained for.

AGL's David Kelly talks with Bruce O'Connor from the Bucketts Radio Environment Show , about Gas , about Fracking, and the future of Gloucester.

Just in case you missed it, you can hear the interview Here

Stay tuned for more environmental information , right here at Bucketts Radio