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Bucketts Radio moving forward

Sunday 1 Jul, 2012

The start of the new financial year sees a few new developments for Bucketts Radio.  Firstly, the launch of a new website, www.buckettsradio.com.au.  Developed by the new volunteer IT Manager, David Keech, it's a fresh look and is very interactive.  The volunteers of the station have the ability to make updates on the website in real time.  

Also in development on the new website is the Music Library where listeners can make requests based on the music available at the station, with search options available.  Please stay tuned for the live launch of the Music Library.

The second great development for the station is a grant to soundproof the on-air studio, thanks to Holiday Coast Credit Union's Community Partnership Programme.  These funds will purchase soundproofing materials for the studio and will cut down background noise from the office and outside during live announcing.  This will improve the quality of broadcast and cut the frustration of volunteers and visitors to the station who have had to whisper while someone is on-air.

Students to do Air Quality Tests in Gloucester

Wednesday 27 Jun, 2012

The air we breathe has a lot to do with our health. As we breathe fresh air, our lungs absorb oxygen from the airand pass it into our bloodstream so it can be transported through our bodies. Oxygen is important for our whole body to have the energy it needs to survive. Everyone  knows that asthma and other lung and respitory conditions are caused by or exacerbated by polluted air.

So ......  Just how clean is the air in Gloucester?

Martin Babakhan , our own very own Bucketts Radio weather specialist , is encouraging students to take part in a study to measure Gloucesters air quality.

Visit the Bucketts Radio Weather Page , to download the details and data sheets to participate in this great opportunity to learn about the air we breathe right here in Gloucester

B's Movie Reviews

Friday 22 Jun, 2012

Bucketts Radio now has its very own Movie Reviewer, Belinda Gilbert

Belinda will help you keep up to date with whats good at the movies , foxtel and DVD's ! You can even ask for a review on a movie of your choice ..... chances are she has seen it at some point. Visit the Movie Reviews page and see the latest reviews !!

Bucketts Radio Chill Out Movie Night - "The Big Chill" Rated M

Friday 22 Jun, 2012

The Chillout Festival is on again !

To help celebrate this annual event, Bucketts Radio will be hosting a Chill Out Movie Night, featuring the classic 80's box office hit "The Big Chill",

Bucketts Radio will also be participating in the street fair by supplying sound for the stage in Denison Street, which will feature some great local artists performing on the day, and providing music for the festival.

See You There !!

THANK YOU HCCU - Your Grant Will Fund the Soundproofing of the Bucketts Radio "On-Air Studio"

Friday 22 Jun, 2012

Holiday Coast Credit Union has announced the successful applicants for community grants funding and Bucketts Radio was fortunate enough to be awarded a grant for the soundproofing of the On-Air studio at the radio station.

Currently we have no soundproofing in the studio, so this will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound, and also the on-air experience for the presenters and guests.

Work will be starting soon with the help of various local businesses and organisations, so if you think you may be able to assist please stop in for a look or call the station on 6558 2400.

Stay tuned for updates !!

Bucketts Radio on-air for another 12 months

Tuesday 19 Jun, 2012

On 1 June 2012 Bucketts Radio continued to broadcast on a new Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence (TBCL) for another 12 months.  On a TBCL, radio stations must re-apply to ACMA for a licence each year. This is Bucketts Radio's fourth consecutive TBCL.

This year's wish list for the station is to soundproof the on-air studio and improve the production studio and office space.  Most importantly, Bucketts Radio is hoping for funding to help reach more of their target audience by installing a tower on a hill so more of Gloucester and it's surrounding residence can pick up Bucketts Radio on 104.1FM.