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Friday 26 Oct, 2012

When I was deciding what movie to see on the weekend, I did my usual read of the description of each movie. I had wanted to see Savages for some time as it had Blake Lively in it..however upon seeing the rating of "frequent bloody violence" I thought it would be more God Father than Gossip Girl so I decided on Lawless instead..surely a movie set in the American prohibition era would not been the same? I was wrong!

Lawless was a great Legendary story about exactly that..a Lawless time in American history between the corrupt Police, the trade in Black Market liquor and the people it is quite a facinating story. The story centres around three brothers who are heavily into the illegal Liquor trade and the truth behind the legends that have been created about them, as far as story telling goes it is a winner, the acting is very good also. It is based on a true story which gives it an interesting angle as well.

There are a few in your face violence and sex scenes which I thought took away from the story, the hint would have been enough (of both!) but at times they seemed to push both a bit too far.

Overall is was a good movie, the type you would see with your mates, probably at bit too much for a first date (a seasoned relationship would weather it ok), good by yourself but not one to take mum to! overall a 2.5 out of 5!

21 Jump Street

Monday 13 Aug, 2012

Too often remakes of shows really don't do an original justice...I'm happy to say that 21 Jump Street is not one of them! It is a laugh out loud funny movie that keeps your interest and moves along quickly and entertainingly!

The story is around a a pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a drug ring operating in the school. Staring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the lead roles (both funny guys) it is well acted, well directed and one or two of the original cast members make a cameo performance.

Worth a watch!

John Carter

Tuesday 17 Jul, 2012

The people I watched this with were quite interested to see the depiction of Mars..and were not disappointed. 

John Carter is a Civil War veteran who wakes up on Mars to find himself a prisioner of barbarians who inhabit the planet. He finds a princess who is looking for her savious.

At times painful this movie deserved the panning by the critics it deserved, any good attributes were lost on the small screen and it ended up a sad fighting love story.

Watch it at your peril (or if it is free!)

overall, 1.5 out of 5 :(