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Dark Shadows

Monday 4 Jun, 2012

I approached Dark Shadows with very low expectations as it is not the kind of movie I usually see! Anything with Vampires and "Dark" in the title usually rings bells but I am happy to say that I was plesantly surprised by this finely made movie.

With a full star cast including Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfiffer at the helm the acting was very good, the scenery beautiful and a really good story, that was just that..a story. There are so many movies these days about Historic events or based on this and that..it was refreshing to go back to story telling.

Barnabas Collins was entombed in the 1700's and was let free again in the 1970's to find a very different world..and family in his home. He sets about trying to restore the family and their business to it's former glory while encountering some old enemies along the way, especially love.

There are some funny parts with Johnny Depp adding his now familar brand of humour and some great one liners. Dark Shadows keeps your attention throughout the movie and the scenes mostly go just far enough to give the impression without being too in your face (except for a few of the vampire scenes).

Overall this is worth seeing, a good first date movie, good with the mates, not something you would take your Mum to unless she has a particular liking for Vampire movies. Overall, a 3.5 out of 5!

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