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The Dictator

Saturday 26 May, 2012

The Dictator is Sascha Baron Cohen's latest offering telling the story of a North African Dictator (Admiral General Aladeen) who will do anything to keep Democrarcy out of his country. The movie is set in his home town of Wadiya, but mostly in New York. There are some great scenes of New York in the movie.

It is a irreverent, offensively funny movie that sometimes treads the line of "thats too much!". If you are a fan of Sascha Baron Cohen's movies you will like this one. It is not as full on as Bruno and not as funny as Borat but a good fun movie overall. 

Ana Faris also stars in the movie and gave a great performance that compliments Baron Cohen very well.

Overall I would give it a 3 out of 5. Not a great first date movie, probably one you should see with people you are quite comfortable with. Probably not best for your Mum (unless she is very liberal!). 

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