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Tuesday 17 Jul, 2012

The only recognisable star of Promethus is Michael Fassbender. I quite liked the fantasy of Promethus, I'm not sure if it was because I saw it in 3D at IMAX that gave it an advantage, but there were scenes where I was actually scared, which has not happened for a while with a movie for me.

The premise of the movie is that a team of scientists in the future go to another planet to discover the origin of mankind. Along the way the encounter aliens and corporate greed. There is the ole intertwined love story and some great imaginative scenes on futuristic things in it, like the chair which acts as a hospital and surgeon.

The movie had a very flimsy story line with lots of crashes and bangs. If you like big budget visually enchanting, albeit scary futuristic movies this is a good one for you, make sure you see it in 3D though!

Don't take your mum, good for a first date if you want them to cling onto you in scenes and good with the mates..if there is nothing else on! Overall a 1.5 out of 5 :(

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