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Christine's Life Show

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  • Friday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join Christine for some music and life tips.                                          Program airs Fridays 11am - 12noon.



Sponsor:  Christine Buckley Coaching

Along with my personal trials and tragedies; the eclectic collection of my work experience such as: leadership and life coach, crisis counsellor, mental health trainer, case manager, domestic violence support worker, chaplaincy and various other positions are all just a part of my toolkit. Being a ‘jack of all trades’ has become a great strength. Supporting people to hold on to hope through difficulties, to be their best potential and not lose sight of their dreams is my passion; it fills my tank!

Growing up on the land has provided me with an honorary list of clients who have shared their frustrations, heartbreaks and celebrations with me in their most vulnerable moments; all this and more has positioned me to gain a wider scope of experience which underpins my professional training.

Exploring human potential with a wholistic approach to help people maintain their wellbeing and flourish despite difficulties, is what I do best. I help unleash your creativity so that your imagination kicks in for what’s possible;


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