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Gloucester represents itself at the Rally outside Parliment House

Wednesday 2 May, 2012

On Monday April 1st 2012 , a contingent of concerned residents traveled to Sydney to join with thousands of NSW residents faced with an uncertain future.
This is due to mining and gas extraction going ahead with only scant regulation and possible undesirable effects on environment and peoples health.
MP Richard Stoner was given a mixed reception when addressing the gathering.
Many of the attendees were in the over 40's age group and reaching well into their 80's and participating in an action like this for the first time.
The Gloucester residents then moved on to make a stand at AGL's Head Office in North Sydney, to deliver a letter to the CEO about water studies that had been agreed to at the blockade in Gloucester recently, but it woul appear are now being refused !

Bucketts Radio a Big Hit With Newcomers

Monday 23 Apr, 2012

Bucketts Radio speaks for itself !

Your Local Community Radio station is becoming so popular people are going out of their way to pop in and tell us how much they love us !

Bucketts Radio New Website is Under Construction

Wednesday 18 Apr, 2012

The website is currently being run as a test site till end of May and the New website will be officially launched on June 1st 2012.

This will be the third birthday of Bucketts Radio 104.1 FM's, "on the airwaves" broadcasting, after being a web based station from its outset in 2007.

Gloucester Council Opposes Rocky Hill Mine

Wednesday 28 Mar, 2012

Community outrage at GRL inducement offer after Council sets the agenda to Oppose Rocky Hill Mine.